Happy Halloween!
Come, enjoy the season of spooks in Kiddopia

How is your little one celebrating the festival of frights? We have some fun ideas, but they’ll involve a terrifying trip to Kiddopia…

Muhuhahahahaha! Okay, so we’re no good at wicked laughter, but we have our ways of making Halloween fun for the kids, particularly yours. See, we’ve spent the past few weeks conceptualizing, designing, developing and testing the creepiest, eeriest, most horrifyingly adorable new additions to Kiddopia, and we believe your little ghostie is going to love them. There’s no sense in delaying the scares, so let’s jump right in!

Enter a world of bats and bones!

It’s nighttime. The sky is dotted with barren trees and busy bats. There’s slime dripping from up top. The moon is full and pale and spooooky! But don’t you worry… There’s candy everywhere! From our homescreen to our coding games, Halloween fever has completely taken over. Jack-o’-lanterns with eyes that glow, cauldrons bubbling with gooey green stuff, and bones and gravestones and eyeballs and *deep breath*... We’ve gone all out with this Halloween update!

Get a fang-tastic makeover

Candy and creepy-crawlies aren’t the only fun parts of Halloween. And just like your kiddo, we live for Halloween costumes too! That’s why we’ve packed a bunch of them into our app!! Bring the kids along for a fun day at the spa. While they’re at it, they can try on haunted shirts, spidery dresses, evil bodysuits and spook-tacular boots. We’ve got witch hats and bat wings too!

Make a terrifying treat

Or two or three! Watch the kids put spiders on their waffles and bats on their cupcakes. And do you fancy some soft serve with eyeballs on top? When your junior chef visits their café again, they’ll see cobwebs and pumpkins and spiders bouncing up and down. They’ll be able to make slimy smoothies and serve them on placements covered in horrors. Did we mention we’ve got skull-tipped forks & spoons?

Bring the pets along for a Sinister Spa Day

Why should humans have all the fun? If the kids can enjoy a Halloween-themed spa day, we say, “So can the pets!” Your tiny tot can get their furry friends all set for the 31st with slime-green collars (complete with jack-o’-lanterns on them!), top hats with bat wings and sunglasses with spiders’ legs on them!! It’s a Halloween party for everybody! We mean it — there’s a dino too.

Experience the horrors of Kiddopia Town

It’s a spookfest out there! We’ve sprinkled Halloween treats (no tricks included!) all over Kiddopia Town. Your wee kiddie is invited to adventures featuring owls in trees, peppermint candy, jack-o’-lanterns in disguise, floating ghosts, bats around every corner, grim reapers, and loads more. There’s a scare everywhere, BUT we promise we’ve made them cute — just like your toddler.

Have fun with freaky photo stickers

Photo fun! Photo fun! Come along, it’s for everyone! If you’re familiar with our photo-editing game, Funny Cammy, you know that it packs adorable stickers that transform ordinary pictures into extraordinary (and funny!) works of art. Whether your kid has photographed you, their Gramps, their parrot or their poodle, they can give them wigs, cartoon eyes, sunglasses and much more. With our Halloween stickers in the mix, your child could even turn the whole family into goblin-eared cuties! 

Create some other-wordly art

Calling all the teeny, tiny artists out there! We’ve got wicked new art for you to create! There are spiders on webs and cats in witch hats. There’s a ghost with a broomstick and an upside-down bat. There’s even a witch in the sky and a mansion hiding secrets. Ooooo, we almost forgot…! We’ve got coloring pages starring Brionny the Bear and Chris the Croc, from their famed web series Captain Kidd & Friends!! But BEWARE — they all need color, and they all need you. Come on and get started! 

The haunting in Kiddopia continues

We cast the ghoulish glow of our spotlight on just a few games in Kiddopia that are home to Halloween surprises, but those aren’t the only locales of our preschool app with treats for the little ones. Kiddos everywhere can now practice coding in the company of crooked skulls and smiling scarecrows. They can score goals and collect candy in a slimy landscape. They can even turn their homes into petrifying paradises!

Hurry up and update your Kiddopia app

Oh yeah, and have a happy, haunted little Halloween!

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