Built with ♥️ by parents

As new parents in 2010, we were overwhelmed with the do’s and don’t of raising a child in the digital age. We wanted to give our child the best possible environment to learn, grow and express themselves. Once we realised that we were not alone, we decided to create Kiddopia.

Almost a decade after, our mission has stayed unchanged: to build a fun and safe learning ecosystem for kids. It’s safe to say that we never have and never will create anything we wouldn’t want our own children to use.

Who we are

We are a team of parents, teachers, artists and developers who take great joy in building learning experiences for curious little minds.

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Values we live by



As important as learning can be, it needs to be captivating enough to keep a preschooler engaged. So if it’s not fun, it doesn’t make the cut.


We are all kids at heart, and we use that child-like curiosity to build fun learning activities! We work with teachers and experts to make our content 100% preschooler friendly.


Kiddopia helps your child express themselves freely. Our app is designed to encourage creativity and to make learning a fun and enriching experience.


We are constantly working towards making Kiddopia more accessible to every household with a child; providing quality learning regardless of background and race.


Kiddopia believes in fair treatment and is an equal opportunity workplace. All our initiatives are aimed towards creating the best possible experience for children and parents.