Hey, Mom.
We have a Mother’s Day message for you!

We know you’ve got a LOT to do and that you probably don’t have time to read letters, so we’ve kept this short. What is this? It’s a love letter to you, and it comes straight from the heart…
Dear Mom,
Yeah, you, the one reading this with last night’s sleep shirt still on while you get lunch ready — with the number of things you’ve had to get done since morning, I’m not surprised and I certainly don’t judge. It might seem like just another crazy day to you, but it’s also your day, and I, Kiddopia’s resident writer and cat mom, have a message for you, on behalf of the team.
We see you. I see you. A long night with a baby you love to bits but who won’t sleep no matter what you do. An early, frenzied start to the day with a toddler who woke up in the worst mood you could have possibly imagined. A kitchen that looks like a tornado swept through it because you swore you’d get to it later but fell asleep with the baby. A migraine starting to kick up a fuss in your already much-too-crowded head. You in tears for the third time today (and it’s not even noon yet!). The cherry on top is that you probably blame yourself for everything.
We won’t stop you. Go ahead and blame yourself. But while you’re at it, you’re going to have to take the blame for a slew of other things too…
Remember that time your kiddo went “Yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy!” non-stop from the time you told them you were cooking their favorite dish to the time they stuffed the first humongous morsel into their little mouth? Remember the unbridled joy on their face? You’re to blame for that too. What about that time you knew your baby had a long day with a nasty attack of colic, so to make them feel better, you tickled them until they giggled, red in the face? That’s on you as well. Oh, and that adorable Moana Halloween costume you painstakingly put together to make your little princess’ day? You, again! Those enchanting (particularly because they were made-up) bedtime stories, that endless supply of bear hugs, the tears you wiped and replaced with toothless grins, those songs you sang till those teeny eyes closed and those tiny snores could be heard… All your fault, and we have a lot more where that came from!
It’s so easy to be hard on yourself. You’ve probably been practicing it for years. But if I were to take a wild guess, I’d say that if you saw yourself through your child’s eyes, you’d see the whole world and everything that makes life worth living. Isn’t that something? I’ve been lucky enough to interact with quite a few moms besides my own. Through all those interactions, I’ve come to realize one thing: I haven’t the first clue how you do what you do. And maybe you don’t either. But you’re missing the point — you’re getting it done!
Source: Unsplash
Let’s celebrate that, this Mother’s Day. Let’s celebrate how even at your self-proclaimed worst, you’re doing your best. Let’s celebrate those little feet rushing haphazardly to you because yours is the face that makes them happiest. Let’s celebrate the love you’re teaching your little one by being the greatest source of it. Hey, Mom? Let’s celebrate you.
We wish you your happiest Mother’s Day yet.
Stay mum-mazing!
Mother of Cats | Writer
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