Captain Kidd: An animated Kiddopia original
inspired by your little one

We launched our very first show, and you can stream it in the Kiddopia app! Scroll to discover what our debut series is all about and how you and your child played a crucial part in making it a reality.
Did we ever tell you your tiny tot is a constant source of inspiration in all that we do? We couldn’t help but notice their love for the plump yellow dog who lives in our app, aka Captain Kidd. It is this love for our superhero mascot that inspired us to create a show in his name, a show starring him and his best friends. That’s how our debut animated series was born! But where do the events of these episodes take place? Who makes up the main cast? And where can you and your little adventurer catch all the fun? We’re just about to dive into that. Come along!

Once upon a time…

Picture a world where every day is filled with color, adventure, smiles, learning, warmth, laughs, and wonder. That’s it. That’s what our show’s all about! Captain Kidd is a series that explores events that take place in Captain Kidd’s (aka Pete’s) hometown. Across these episodes, you and your child will get to join Pete and his squad as they go about their day-to-day activities, all the while taking on new challenges and learning exciting things. And boy, are there places to see, experiences to share, and fun to be had!

Let’s go to Kiddopia Town!

Welcome to a town where the general store is run by deer, the beach is kept safe by lifeguard hippos, and a lion is the mayor. There’s even a school in a tree and a little island from which rockets are launched! Don’t worry. There’s room for your preschooler too. We built Kiddopia Town to be a place where anything is possible; that’s why its animal inhabitants can talk, walk on two legs, and pilot submarines. This is a civilized township where everyone is welcome, everyone co-exists (crocodiles and kittens alike!), and everyone gets to be exactly who they want to be. Quite a cool bunch, right? Let’s meet them!

An anthropomorphic cuteness overload

Kiddopia Town is home to families not very different from yours. They’re just as unique, diverse, and abso-bloomin’-lutely adorable.

You’ve already met the leading lad — he’s the face of our app, and recently, he came to Amazon in the form of a plush toy (which means you can now bring him home!). Captain Kidd is two cuties in one: Kiddopia’s superhero — who boasts super strength, super vision, and flight — and a pup who goes to Kiddopia School and loves being there for others. Oh, but he’s not like Superman, concealing his super-pupper avatar. Everyone in Kiddopia knows just who he is even when he suits up. Who’s everyone? We’ll allow them to introduce themselves.
Now, there are many more lovable, anthropomorphic folk who inhabit this small town, but we’ll leave it to you and your kiddo to discover them on your own.

Exciting adventures at every turn

What goes on in Kiddopia Town, you ask? Well, the usual — the kids attend school (and the occasional launch of a space-bound rocket), parents go to their jobs (and sometimes organize dragon-boat races), and everyone lets loose at a funfair or two (where there may or may not be the unveiling of a wicked exploration machine that can tunnel underground). But everything isn’t always hunky-dory in this town. Sometimes things go wrong: stuff goes missing, characters make mistakes, and social gatherings go awry. Fortunately for our dear residents, they have a homegrown hero with a passion for helping others!

Story-based lessons in every episode

What do we hope to achieve through this happy little exercise in animated storytelling? Every episode in our adventure-packed series — which has an independent storyline and conflict-and-resolution scenario — is loaded with life lessons. In ways that are kind, respectful, even amusing, the cheerful inhabitants of Kiddopia Town demonstrate good behavior, kind words, and a wonderful attitude to situations of all kinds. From the importance of exercise to the joy of farming, everything has a place in this fiesta of color and cuteness. Your child will unwittingly take home numerous values, skills, and lessons, including responsibility, creative thinking, and care for creation. All that through 10-minute doses of entertainment!

Join the fun!

This is a series for you and your toddler. The goal of every episode of Captain Kidd is to make its young viewers more empathetic while giving them loads to giggle about, and it all takes place through immersive moments and memorable gestures. Children walk away kinder, braver, and more determined to do the right thing, particularly when things go wrong.

How can you and yours be a part of it all? You’re just a few clicks away ‘cause our series is now streaming in the Kiddopia app! You can also catch all the fun on YouTube. ‘Captain Kidd & Friends’ is a YouTube channel dedicated to these wholesome little episodes.

It goes without saying (but we’ll say it!) that this is one of our greatest milestones and proudest moments. We hope this is the start of a long, wonderful adventure and that you and your kid will join us on the ride.
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