Thank you, 2021: We have a LOT to be grateful for, this Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year when we look back on all that we’re thankful for. 2021 has been kind to us. This piece is our way of saying thank you to a year that did more good than we often give it credit for.
What a year it has been! Coming on the heels of an absolute rollercoaster (aka 2020), 2021 was the year the world was waiting for. At Kiddopia, we wanted to make it a special one for our teeny users. Amid the difficulties that came with the pandemic in 2020, we were able to be there for them. When schools were shut, there was learning happening at the touch of a screen. When there were no playmates, Kiddopians always had Captain Kidd and his friends to keep them company. When it seemed like life wasn’t moving forward, your kiddo was growing, with a little help from our early learning app. These joyful observations from 2020 spurred us to do our best for our kids in 2021. When the clock chimed in a brand new year, we made up our minds to write a better narrative — to script new wins, attain new milestones, and usher in a bright future for our app and its bite-sized users. As we inch towards the close of 2021, we look back on a year that draws our facial muscles into a smile when we recall its happy events. Yes, 2021 gave us plenty to be thankful for.

Going places

Kiddopia is a little world that now inhabits many larger worlds, and, as you can imagine, this is a huge deal for us. Earlier this year, we took our app experience to the Land of Poets and Thinkers. Ja, Kiddopia is available in German! The step was a big one, so big that it gave us the courage to venture into more uncharted territories. A couple of months ago, we made our app available in simplified Chinese. Spanish and Japanese are in the works as well. Who knows where Kiddopia will go post that? It warms our hearts to imagine the number of little minds that will soon be able to explore our little world.

A pup with his own show

It isn’t just our app experience that’s going places. Our superhero pup is enjoying some travels of his own. He and his best buddies — Brionny, Chris, and Dee — now have a show! Bringing an animated series to life by ourselves was a massive move. If you had told us, five years ago, that we would have an animated web series to our name five years later, we would have cackled in your face, but here we are today, with a complete season of adventures under our belt. To us, Captain Kidd & Friends is more than a show for kids; it’s a testament to the creativity and iron will of a team that loves what it does. We can promise you that you’ll be seeing more of us on this front. Watch out for that!

So many new games!

Just like the little ones it’s designed for, Kiddopia keeps growing, and gosh, did it grow this year! 2021 will go down in our memories as the year that brought dinosaurs, aliens, spaceships, a toy factory, and so much more to Kiddopia. At the outset of these 12 months, a lot of this felt like wishful thinking, given the pandemic and the unforeseen climate it created. Today, little Kiddopians everywhere are enjoying slimy adventures in space, baking pancakes loaded with mouth-watering toppings, and managing their very own toy stores. Spell-O-Saurus, Slime Blast, Toy Store, Ice Creams, Popsicles, Pancakes, a kindergarten section in Lingo Land, new levels in Math Whiz — they are a reality today because of a team that spent months breathing life into them. We couldn’t be more proud.

Honorable mentions and things to come

Those were the big wins: major moments that are now embedded in our history as milestones. But we had some small big wins too: little things that mean the world to us. 2021 is the year our app crossed 12 million downloads. That means more tiny tots across the globe are making memories in a world of our creation!
2022 is mere days away, and we have plans for it. There’s so much we want to give our kiddos and their families. We’re kicking things off with a holiday-themed app transformation! Keep updating your app so you don’t miss out. Season 2 of Captain Kidd is brewing happily within our bustling work cabins. We’ve got some exciting merchandise cooking up, and speaking of cooking, our junior chefs will soon be able to serve up waffles in their virtual café. After sweating it out in the kitchen, they’ll be able to unwind on a beach in Kiddopia Town. They’ll have more opportunities to flex their creative muscles in an all-new dressup game with handsome little male avatars. We even have a coding game taking shape at our workstations. Oh, and our curious little detectives, Zac and Zoey, are about to make a comeback!

As the song lyric goes, we’ve “got to admit it’s getting better, a little better all the time”. Things are looking good, so good that Team Kiddopia is back in the office! We trust life is resuming normalcy wherever you are as well and hope your Thanksgiving celebrations will be as grand as ever. We are so glad you and your toddler will be with us to share our hopeful future. Stay tuned and stay safe.
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