Give your kiddo a Halloween weekend to remember. Here’s how!

For a second straight year, Halloween falls on a weekend. That means you get to spend more time with your little ghostie on one of their favorite days of the year. Looking for ideas on how to turn that time into quality time? We’ve gathered some that we think you’ll like.
The grisliest, most terrifying of all weekends is almost upon us. When the undead demand treats from innocent households. When the plump pumpkin on your porch transforms into a pumpkin possessed. When—okay, we’ll stop being dramatic. We’re just really excited about Halloween, probably more excited than your toddler. Our anticipation is reaching a fever pitch because the celebration of spooks falls on a weekend for a second consecutive year! We’ve dug up some hair-raising yet kid-friendly ideas (Thank you, internet) for a memorable Halloween weekend, so if you’re looking to bond with your kid, doing something other than throwing a costume party, trick-or-treating, baking monster cookies, creating child-size costumes, and telling tales of terror by the fire, then read on!*

Give trunk-or-treating a go

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What if — instead of trick-or-treating the conventional way — this year, you Halloween-ed the trunk of your car, packed it with assorted candy, and waited in a parking lot for kids to come trunk-or-treating? The concept isn’t brand new, but it’s a fun spin on a beloved tradition, an exciting way to keep things fresh, and your kid will love it! Can’t you already picture them dressed ghoulishly, posing for your Insta stories?

Organize a candy corn relay

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Remember the ole egg-and-spoon race? Picture it in your head. Now, substitute the egg with a sweet heap of candy corn. Imagine the mishaps and giggles that follow! Wait, we’re not done. Now picture the race as a relay! You’ve got the perfect Halloween sport! If your preschooler is struggling to balance the treats in the spoon, maybe increase the size of the spoon and reduce the number of treats!

Enjoy a spooky book

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It’s always a good idea to spend time reading with your child, and since it’s Halloween weekend in question, you can take storytime to a whole new level with a paranormal read. Book Riot has a list of ridiculously cute Halloween book recommendations for preschoolers. We won’t be surprised if you join your kiddo in falling in love with those titles.

Have a fang-tastic fashion show

Photo courtesy: Silvana Carlos, Unsplash
If you’re like every other Halloween-obsessed family, you go to great lengths to perfect your wicked attire. Then why not strut the same on a spook-tacular ramp?! Children, just like adults, love to walk the ramp, so give them an opportunity to do so. It can be a simple setup on the living room carpet, in the backyard, or by the pool. Dial up the fun quotient by inviting the neighbors and offering prizes!

Try reverse trick-or-treating for a cause

Photo courtesy: Nick Fewings, Unsplash
Another take on the tradition of trick-or-treating, this one is big on heart. Instead of accompanying the tiny tots to homes in the neighborhood, collecting candy, why not invite your neighbors to drop things off at your place? The things they drop off can be donations in kind, which you can then gift-wrap with the kids. Told you this one is big on heart.

Use your candy to play tic-tac-toe

Photo courtesy: Shifting Roots
Before you gorge on them with your wee sweet-treat lover, what about using your candy corn and pumpkins, M&Ms, Hershey’s Kisses, and other goodies to enjoy some rounds of tic-tac-toe? You can play on little hand-decorated or printed cards or on large crackers divided into squares using frosting. The winner gets to keep all the candy used in the game!

Watch a preschooler-friendly Halloween movie

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Who doesn’t love movies? And when they’re filled with cuddly black cats, hilarious witches, adorable aliens, chubby spirits, and weak-kneed humans, they offer twice the amount of fun. Mommy’s Bundle has a list of 10 entertaining flicks that should be ideal for Halloween-night-turned-movie-night. Just grab some popcorn and your entire family, turn out the lights, and enjoy!

Have some face-painting fun

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Painting is a brilliant way for adults to unwind and for kids to get their creative juices flowing. Painting on a face is exactly that, but it packs ten times the amount of fun. You don’t have to be an artist for this one. Children love to have their faces painted whether the brush is in the hand of an experienced professional or an absolute amateur. Just make certain the paints are safe for use on a child’s skin. Oh, and ensure your little one gets a chance to paint your face too!

Design a chilling scavenger hunt

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If you’re aiming to have a totally socially distanced Halloween and you don’t plan to send the kids out trick-or-treating, why not take ‘em on a candy hunt in and around your house? Freakish decor, ghostly lighting, and mouth-watering candy hidden in clever nooks and crannies could make for an ideal scavenger hunt. Looking for clues is fun enough, but when there’s candy in the mix, you can rest assured that the hunt will be a success!

There they are: nine great ways to hang out with your preschooler this Halloween. If the powers that be render it absolutely impossible for you to join your child in these fun activities, you can always leave them to enjoy Halloween in Kiddopia. Just update your iOS app, and let them experience the haunting side of our early learning adventures, complete with oozing slime, eerie jack-o’-lanterns, and a fanged, cape-wearing Captain Kidd!

*Some of the ideas listed above are meant for gatherings of more than 2-3 people. We urge you to wear your masks, sanitize regularly, and practice social distancing while trying them out. Stay safe and happy Halloween!
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