Junior chef: 5 sweet summer recipes you MUST try with your kid

We might be nearing the end of summer, but it isn’t too late to try out some droolicious recipes with the kids. Here are five that are sure to help you end summer break on a sweet note.
Ah, summer! Warm sunshine, soft sand, foamy waves, summer dresses, and fresh lemonade. What’s not to love about summer? The best part is arguably the food, especially enjoying your favorite dishes outdoors (Barbeque parties for the win, right?)! And for your kids, summer’s all about the holidays, frozen desserts, and cool soda pops. We can all relate to loving the sight of the ice cream truck when we were little.

The little ones adore summer because of the glassfuls and bowfuls of chilled sweetness that they can dig into on balmy days when school’s out and the sun too, so why not involve them in the making of these mouth-watering treats? We know of five ridiculously simple, positively scrumptious recipes that your kid and you can whip up together on the fine summer days that still remain. Keep reading (and try not to drool)!

PBJ on a Stick!

Photo & Recipe courtesy: Taste of Home
Yes, we mean peanut butter and jelly on a stick. Is it a breakfast recipe or a dessert recipe? Honestly, we wouldn’t mind savoring this beauty as either (And we have a feeling your little one will feel the same way). But what is PBJ on a Stick exactly? Think of it as PBJ and fruity goodness on a kebab skewer. How do you make it? Simple as snoozing: Take some PBJ sandwiches, and cut them into four quarters each. Then, take fresh fruits of your choice, and slice & dice them into pieces not much smaller than your sandwich quarters. If you’re using berries or grapes, skip the slicing bit. Finally, assemble your quarters and fruit bits onto kebab skewers as done in the photo above. There you have it — PBJ on a Stick!

Kidd Hack: If your child is under seven, cutting and slicing may not be the best tasks for them, but spreading some creamy peanut butter and sticky jam on sliced bread is safe and delicious enough for them to take on.

Very Berry Yogurt Parfait

Photo courtesy: Taste of Home, Unsplash
Recipe courtesy: Traditional Cooking School
This one’s a popular one, and again, you can put your own spin on it, or your tiny tot can. All you need is some vanilla-flavored yogurt, strawberries and blackberries (maybe even raspberries), and granola and/or chopped nuts & seeds (Yes, just those ingredients!). Feel free to pile on some more fruits if that’s what your junior chef and you prefer. Then, just keep pouring layer after layer of yogurt, berries, and granola/nuts till you get to the top of your glass. Done! Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy your parfait soon after preparing it so the granola doesn’t get all soggy.

Kidd Hack: The fun part of this delish dish is the layering or assembly, so if you want your child to really be involved, maybe let them do this bit after you’ve shown them how you would do it yourself.

Any-Fruit Sorbet

Photo and recipe courtesy A Sweet Pea Chef
Is it even summer if there isn’t ice cream or an ice cream equivalent to be enjoyed? And if you’re the kind of parent who encourages healthy eating, then this any-fruit sorbet recipe is a must-try for you. It’s light, natural, and seriously hard to resist; plus, you get to use the fruit you and your kid love most! Just slice your fruit and freeze it solid. Then, blend it with a tad of water (only enough to facilitate smooth blending), honey (if your fruit isn’t sweet enough), and lime juice. That’s all! Scoop out the mixture, and enjoy!

Kidd Hack: Slicing, freezing, and blending may not be child’s play, but squeezing lime, drizzling honey into the mix, and scooping? Oh yes, even a toddler will love doing those parts!


Welcome to a summer dessert that is even more delicious than it sounds. Fudgesicles are the happy marriage of the decadence of fudgey chocolate and the frozen fun of popsicles. Did we mention they’re also a joy to make because they’re quick and simple? All you need is popsicle molds, candy sticks, and four basic ingredients: a couple cups of milk, a couple tablespoons of cocoa powder, a couple tablespoons of sugar, and a nice cupful of chocolate chips. Heat the milk till it’s nearly boiling. Then, add in the cocoa and sugar, and stir until perfectly blended. Pour this sweet mixture over your chocolate chips, and stir until smooth. Cool, add to the molds, freeze (Add toppings if you like), and enjoy creamy fudgesicles!

Kidd Hack: Heating, stirring, and releasing the fudgesicles from their molds are tricky tasks, so let your kiddo do the adding of ingredients. They can also pop the candy sticks into the moulds!

PB and Banana Ice Cream

Photo and recipe courtesy Two Healthy Kitchens
Peanut butter and banana are a match made in heaven and a match that tastes like heaven. They’re great together in sandwiches, smoothies, and of course, ice cream. But this isn’t one of those elaborate ice cream recipes that require churning, a lengthy list of expensive ingredients, and hours in the freezer. Instead, all this recipe requires is peeled and frozen bananas, creamy peanut butter, a little cold milk, and toppings you love (We’re partial to roasted almonds and chocolate chips). Blend the first three ingredients immediately, adding only as much milk as needed to prevent the mixture from being too dry. Serve up the ice cream with the toppings, and eat up without delay!

Kidd Hack: Your kid might be too young to operate your blender, but they should have no trouble choosing and piling on the toppings, so let them have at it!
There they are! Five recipes that are easy as ABC, tasty, and that you and your child can bring to life and enjoy together. Give them a try, and tell us which one(s) you can’t get enough of.

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