About Us

Started by two parents in 2012, we are a team of artists, visualizers, developers and designers united with the goal of making learning a fun experience. We love children, and our aim is to create content that children love. All our apps are released only after being tried, batch-tested and approved by kids!

Kiddopia is a subscription-based edutainment app for kids. When Kiddopia was launched it soon became a hit with kids and parents everywhere, and is regularly featured by Apple on the iTunes home page as well as in the App Store. Our vision was an app that would not only entertain, but would encourage personal growth by providing a wide array of creative and stimulating activities – including ones based on real life experiences.

For us, imagination and individual expression is every bit as important as academic growth and social development. We target all of these areas and make the experience a blast by combining stimulating educational content with innovative gameplay, stunning visuals and cheerful sounds.

We believe that learning should be fun, engaging and top-notch quality. We strive to make our content both constructive and exciting, so that kids will return again and again, retaining their knowledge and refining their skills in the process. Kiddopia is a safe, inclusive and encouraging environment that aims to help each child reach their fullest potential.